Move Better to Be Stronger!

Strength for All!

(rates below)

  • Get in shape intelligently, without excess wear and tear.

  • Use your head to move better, get out of pain, and be stronger for where you need it.

  • Learn to train yourself with proper form and simple, no-hassle programming.

My General Physical Preparation programming is versatile and designed to meet your needs, where you are in life, whether that's being the king of high school tennis, carrying those groceries in one trip, or maintaining your strength and mobility later in life. I pride myself on my flexibility in adapting to my clients' needs.

Most work is done with kettlebells and bodyweight, so you have easy access to versatile tools you can learn and use on your own.


I put a premium on strength first, over other qualities. Want to know why? Click Here


My only strict requirements for my clients is that they be serious.

What is Serious? Click here.

Upcoming Program: Do you suffer back pain?


I have formed a partnership with an extremely experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor. His goal is to use several trainers, including myself, as foot soldiers in his war on back pain, an all too common malady largely misunderstood and left incompletely treated or totally untreated. This program is still in formation, but please inquire for information, as this will help us understand the demand for this kind of service and better prepare us to help you.



I go to you*: $70/1-hr session

You come to me**: $50/1-hr session

4 Week 4-Pack‡ (Save 20%)

I Go: $225

U Come: $160

4 Week 8-Pack‡ (Save 30%)

I Go: $400

U Come: $280


Please ask about "boot camp", group, family, and neighborhood programs and pricing.

*What you need for home appointments: Approximately 10 square feet of clear, even space, indoors or out, depending on your preference and comfort. A tree limb or bar for pulling is optimal, but not required. Parks, school fields, and greenbelts, etc. (if open) are also good places to meet, if you prefer. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to be barefoot.

**For training at my place, we are either in the garage or outside, meaning we are largely at the mercy of the ambient temperature. Be prepared.

‡NB: Packages require advanced scheduling. Missed appointments are only made up/refunded if I am the cause of the cancellation. The package discount pricing takes into account that you may need to miss an appointment for personal reasons.