I have been tutoring for more than ten years. I am pretty darn good at it. I am an 'explainer'. There is a time and place for rote learning (I see you, unit circle), but that is not my MO. I want to ensure the student not only understands why some formula is the way it is, but also help them understand that math isn't about knowing the formulas, its about exploring, curiosity, and creativity.

I have a broad base of knowledge in and outside of math, and I endeavor to relate concepts externally, not only regarding 'practical' applications but also lingual, philosophical, and historical connections. The more connections people can make, the interested they become, and the more learning they do.

I mostly work with middle and high school students, but I will work with any age. I only require that my students be willing to learn and patient enough to not expect easy answers.

Base fee is $60/hour for the first hour, but rates decrease for multiple hours spent, regularly scheduled appointments, advanced payment, etc.

Contact me and feel free to read my mathy thoughts below to get to know me.